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Carry-on luggage… It may be a daunting thing to some (me included!) but it certainly does have a great deal of positives when traveling. Personally if I was going to a trip no longer than 4 days I would try and squeeze everything into one little “approved size” case or backpack. It makes total sense logistically wise and all that time you save at the airport carousel is priceless. Not to mention the cash saving factor of not buying check in luggage for all those budget airlines flights.
Now don’t get me wrong, if you are anything like me and over-pack (even for a single night away!) it’s a tough task but with a few tips I have learnt along the way, I hope this will ease your mind ever so slightly:

– Select an approved size carry on case or backpack – there is nothing worse than getting to the airport and being told your bag is too big and it will have to go in the undercarriage anyway and you are then left with a hefty bill!

– Check the airlines carry on weight limit. If you are lucky enough to be flying around Europe and America, most airlines have unlimited carry on weight restrictions, but here in Australia we are yet to catch up with the times and generally all airlines are around the 7kg mark.

– Plan your outfits in advance for each day you will be away – this helps eliminate “maybe” outfits from the pile and this way you are locked in to wearing each planned outfit.

– Basic is the key – choose items of clothing that mix and match so if you do decide you need a change up you have plenty of options.

– Toiletries is where I normally have issues! But one tip I have learnt along the way is to always think SMALL! Small bottles for shampoo and conditioner etc, small lotions, small toothpaste tubes and you can even get super small toothbrushes. All liquids will need to be under 100ml so the smaller the better. Better still, if travelling with companions, share the load by sharing the products while you are abroad.

– One for the girls… Accessorise! Think scarves, necklaces, belts, statement earrings. These will be your best friend as you can change the look of an outfit (which you wore the previous day) by adding one slight tweak like a scarf or necklace.

– If you are traveling in the summer months, well that’s ideal. No bulky coats or footwear! But if you are heading away for a quick cool getaway, never fear! An old trick I learnt was wear as much as you can on the flight (but do make sure you are still comfortable and can at least breath whilst sitting on the flight!). Wear your heaviest footwear, or carry your big winter coat on your arm when boarding the flight and stow it separately in the overhead carriage. This eliminates luggage weight and space from your case.

– If you are lucky enough to be traveling with a Digital SLR camera and struggle to fit this into your carry on, well a small tip I have picked up is to just wear it around your neck or over your shoulder. I have caught many flights with my camera hooked around my neck and no-one has ever blinked an eye. Now I am not sure if this is just pure luck but worth a shot!

– Zip Lock Bags! Pack as many as you can in as many different sizes as you can. Whether you use it to put your 100ml or less products in to go through security, to throw your dirty laundry in, can be used as a wet-pack for toiletries and or swimming gear or they can even be converted into a vac-seal like device for those extra bulky clothes items – the uses are endless and with them being so light and small you can squeeze them in without effort.

– And finally a lil old trick that works every time when trying to fit more than you ought to in one small bag and that is to roll all your clothes. Apart from space saver bags (also another brilliant idea!) its the most effective way to pack your clothes and in most cases, eliminates the creasing of clothes… Win win!

Well I do hope these tips help in the slightest for your next short journey and always happy to hear more tips and tricks, so if you have any of your own, don’t hesitate to get in touch or comment below!

Happy packing!


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