Top 5 Gelato in Italy


Without a doubt, Gelato is probably one of my all time favourite topics to talk about!
To those who know me, they will know this post was coming, but for those who don’t here are a couple quick facts about me:
Fact #1: Italy is one of my favourite countries on this planet.
Fact #2: Gelato is number one on my favourite food list.
Fact #3: Italian food follows a close second on this favourite food list of mine.

So I guess it goes without saying that I dedicate an entire post to my one true love… GELATO!
I could probably go on for days about all the different places I have had the privilege of taste testing gelato, but with much hardship, I have narrowed it down to a Top 5 list:

Number 5:
Gelateria Slurp
La Gelateria Slurp is in the wonderful location of Monterosso, Cinque Terre. Overlooking the Fegina Promenade, and a stone’s throw away from the train station and directly across the road from the beach, this gelato shop has it all. A delicious assortment of flavors, some of which change daily, add to it a very friendly service and you have an all-round winner!
Favourite Flavour – Cookies

Number 4:
La Villa Sorrento
An incredible spot to grab some gelato and take in the views of Sorrento. Whether it be taking in the sparkling waters in the daytime or getting a front row seat to watch the most breathtaking sunset, the choice is yours, but either way you won’t be disappointed. Both taste and location won me over on this one!
Favourite Flavour – Stracciatella

Number 3:
Ristorante Roma
Perfectly situated in alongside the infamous Venice Canal, this is a great place to rest those tired weary legs from all your walking and grab some much deserved gelato. And to add to my delight, you can get your gelato served in a gondola! I mean, come on… What’s more Italian than that!?
Favourite Flavour – Banana Split

Number 2:
Gelateria Dell’ Olmo
Located in the beautiful town of San Gimignano, this little piece of heaven came at a very close second. Conveniently situated in the heart of this incredible medieval town, you won’t be disappointed with the quality and taste. All gelato is made fresh daily in their workshop and the sign on the main door entrance is a dead giveaway that you are in for a treat!
Favourite Flavour – Salted Caramel – so creamy, it literally melts in your mouth!

And drum-roll please….

Number 1:
Della Palma Gelato di Roma
Where do I even begin? This has become my second home in Rome – with over 150 flavours to choose from, yep you heard me right, there is 150 mouth watering flavours to chose from, I frequent for breakfast, lunch and dinner. All the gelato is made on location in the back of the store which only adds to the experience. And for our gluten-free and lactose-free friends, they have something for everyone! To this day it is the biggest gelato store I have ever seen and of course what is most important, it’s the best tasting gelato I have ever had the pleasure of tasting.
Favourite Flavour – well it’s a tie…

Della Nonna – think cake batter and vanilla gelato all rolled into one.

Verigato Nutella – a girl just can’t go past Nutella and vanilla gelato all in one deliciously mouthwatering bite!


Well if that doesn’t give you inspiration for Italy, than I don’t know what will!?
Right, I am off to find me some gelato… All that reminiscing has made me hungry!

Ciao Ciao!

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