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Gone are the days where you need to lug around your travel guides and maps in paper form. Now we are lucky enough to live in the era of Apps which allow us to access an abundance of information all at he touch of a screen.
In turn, with having so much to choose from it’s hard to know what is the best and most effective App to download. Below is a list of top Apps I can’t live without when I am traveling…

City Mapper
This app is the greatest idea to man-kind… Well that might be a big call but I can’t stress to you enough how much this app will save your life! It’s basically a transport/ destination app that will get you from A to B without hassle and/or fail. It’s clear and concise and gives you piece of mind when you are setting out for the day in a new city. It offers you bus, train, metro, tram, walking and even cab options. Trust me, you’ll be thanking me once you have this hot lil App in your hands. You will need a wifi connection for this one but don’t fret, if you are heading out for the day without data just take a few screen shots on the routes you are wanting to take and you are good to go!

Ulman Pro – CityMaps2Go
This is probably the BEST maps App I have come across. There is a paid and free version available but if you can purchase the paid version (which is only a couple of dollars) it’s totally worth it. With the paid  version you can download maps offline which I can’t tell you how many times it has saved me from getting lost in endless cities. I have even used it as a GPS style device while getting around Spain in a car. This is a MUST have before going abroad, and if you are anything like me and you are obsessed with maps and directions in general you will get a real kick out of this one. There are also additional fact links you can click on so you pretty much can become the tour guide of your group!

XE Currency
This is one of the best currency conversion Apps out there. Calculate live currency and foreign exchange rates and best of all it’s free! Although you do need a WiFi connection, it’s still worth a download so you can stay on top of your spend.



In a new city and want to do an organised tour? Look no further than Viator. It’s your one stop shop for all day trips and tours and you can sort by destination with ease and choose from a list of tours in all styles, shapes and sizes. Also a great booking source for airport transfer shuttles and private cars.
This is my go-to App when sourcing cheap accommodation. Almost always the cheapest deals around online and if you become a member you can earn status points per booking, so the more you book the better deals you can get for future bookings. It’s a very user friendly App and most importantly offers hotel/hostel/resort ratings and reviews decided by previous guests – word of mouth is the best promotion after all!


Sky Scanner
One of my favourite flight search App’s that gives you plenty of options when it comes to purchasing flights. It’s simple and easy to use and best of all it’s a free App! It’s an all in one travel App that gives you the choice of flights, accommodation and car rentals all in one place.



Google Translate
A wonderful translation App that can also be used offline. Also has an audio “sounds like” option to help with those tricky pronunciations. This App is totally worth it to have this on hand when you need a lil local helping hand.



Trip Advisor
Such a great tool to get the lowdown on anything from tours, airlines and/or accommodation. With thousand upon thousands of reviews, its a sure way to help you make that final planning decision.



Lonely Planet City Guides

Gone are the days where you need to carry your Lonely Planet “brick-like” paper guide around on your travels. Now with the digital guides, you can purchase as many as you like and it sure as heck ain’t going to add to your luggage allowance! Just simply download your chosen destination in an app like form and the layout is very simple and easy to read and like their traditional paperback guides, they are filled with some great tips and guidance.


So if any of the above appeal to you, just jump onto the Apple Store or Google Play and get downloading.
Happy wandering!


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