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When you close your eyes and picture a dream destination, what do you see?
Well in September 2016 we were lucky enough to visit our dream destination and that place was… Bora Bora.

For so many years Bora Bora has felt like a place which is unreachable or even unattainable, but now having been there I know this is not the case!
Yes, it’s location is quite remote.
Yes, the 5 star accommodation is well beyond the average person’s budget – especially ours!
Yes, you may think it’s a romantic “couple’s only” destination
But these three negative points should NOT stop you from finding a way to make dreams come true and like the saying goes “when there is a will, there is a way” and I can’t stress how MASSIVE our “will” was!

There are many ways to get to this paradise and we managed to get ourselves to Bora Bora by means of a cruise ship. The name of the ship was The Radiance of the Seas which is operated by Royal Caribbean. Cannot speak more highly of this cruise liner and will definitely talk more about this in a future post, but for now let’s get back to our dream destination….

Bora Bora is one of the most famous islands in Tahiti, French Polynesia. It is surrounded by a protected lagoon and a barrier reef which makes for a special secluded paradise. Famously known for it’s scuba diving and snorkeling and of course for the variety of resorts with over water bungalows, and at the island’s center rises Mt. Otemanu, a 727m dormant volcano so every thing about this place is pretty much picture perfect.
We got to experience Bora Bora’s scenic beauty and historic past by an organised Le Truck island tour. A traditional colourful, open-air style bus with a narrated driver took us all over the island starting with a drive past the American bunkers, which is a reminder of the South Pacific’s role in World War II. We then proceeded towards the Belvedere Lookout for stunning views over the lagoon and continuing on towards the village of Anau and Matira Beach where we were lucky enough to get to stop to take in the scenic vistas and photo opportunities – oh and how can I forget the quick stop we had to see hundreds of crabs popping out of their homes to get their claws on some hibiscus flowers!Next was a photo stop at the world-renowned Bloody Mary Restaurant & Bar, where the rich and famous have gathered for decades. Luckily the bar was open so many of us were able to have a quick drink and peek inside before re-boarding the Le Truck.
Our tour concluded with a return drive back to the tender pier in Vaitape where we took some time to have a look around the markets and purchase a few of pieces of handmade jewellery made by the incredibly friendly and kind locals.
As I mentioned earlier, Bora Bora is famous for all things water related, so of course we booked ourselves on an afternoon stingray and snorkelling tour.  Jumping on a speedboat and cruising around the island was something that neither of us will ever forget. It’s one of those pinch me moments that doesn’t happen all that often – the views and water colour are what dreams are made of!
Our first stop on the snorkelling tour was stingray feeding and little did we know that this also included sharks EEEK! We are both EXTREMELY scared of sharks so this was a massive step outside our comfort zones! So we sucked up our fear and jumped into the big turquoise blue sea and swam, squealed &  screamed our lil hearts out.
Back in the boat, safe & sound and with all limbs in place, our next stop was a place called Coral Garden – this is without a doubt a MUST see if you ever so happen to make it to Bora Bora! A DREAM location to snorkel! The only way to describe it is, it’s like being dropped into a huge aquarium that just so happens to be in the middle of the ocean. Absolutely lost for words when we dove in and we then spent the next hour or so with the biggest grins on our mask covered faces. Being surrounded by such incredible coloured fish was something so very magical and a moment in time that will never be forgotten.
We then spent the next hour or so relaxing in the ocean and eating fresh fruit which our local guide had prepared for us.
The perfect way to end the perfect day in what only can be described as PARADISE!

With no further words to describe the amazing-ness that was Bora Bora, below is a lil video highlight reel which showcases the incredible time we had…

Kristy & Emily

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