Two Days in Moscow


Здравствуйте Russia!

Moscow was a city sitting pretty high on my bucket list, and it honestly exceeded my expectations. Listening to the media can paint a rather serious picture of Russia, but I found it to be an enchanting city with a very colourful history! Although I only had 2 short days to visit this city, it was well worth the efforts to get here!

A word of advice before travelling to Russia; give yourself plenty of time to organise your visa! I love for all information regarding visas and how to apply. The requirements for Russian tourist visas are very specific, and you will need to send away your passport for a short period of time, so make sure you have time before your holiday to get your passport back. It’s worth the effort for the shiny new visa to add to your collection!

Red Square
The Red Square is one of the main attractions in Moscow. It houses the Kremlin, St Basil’s Cathedral, the Lenin Mausoleum, GUM shopping centre, Kazan Cathedral and the State Museum. The Red Square and Kremlin have been a World Heritage Sight since 1990.


St Basil’s Cathedral
This is possibly one of Russia’s most famous landmarks, the “onion dome” cathedral. Found in the Red Square, you can take photos from the outside and also see the beautiful art and architecture inside as it has been turned into a museum.

This medieval city fortress is now the official residence and place of work for the President of Russia, aka Putin. Inside the Kremlin Walls sit 4 cathedrals, 5 palaces, the Grand Kremlin Palace and the Kremlin Towers. While you can walk around the inside of the Kremlin, going inside the Grand Palace is another story. Tours for the general public are generally off limits, but if anyone has managed to tour around this amazing palace please let me know!

Metro Stations
Having been living in London and catching the Tube daily, when people told me to go on a tour to look at the Metro stations I was not convinced. Since it was included on my tour I decided to tag along, and was pleasantly surprised! Not only is the underground system easy and cheap to use, the stations are beautifully decorated each with their own story.

Changing of the Guards/Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
Dedicated to the Soviet Soldiers who died fighting in World War II, this Tomb is located on the Alexander Garden side of the Kremlin Wall. Similar to many European countries who also have Tombs dedicated to their fallen soldiers, you can catch the Changing of the Guard ceremony quite regularly throughout the day.

While there is so much to see in Moscow, this was a great 2-day itinerary to see the main attractions. I will definitely be back to visit this beautiful city!

За здоровье Moscow!
Emily xx

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