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There are a lot of preconceived opinions out there about spending your holidays floating on a vessel in the middle of the ocean. Some people love it, some people hate it, but I have always had the belief of trying something before you knock it. Stats say, that over 21 million people each year choose cruising for their holiday of choice – so it all can’t be too bad right!?

Over the years I have heard many different theories about cruising:
– Cruising is just for retirees
– Cruising is for couples
– The food is terrible
– They are always over crowded
– There is nothing to do
– I would be bored stuck on a boat

Well after having been on a handful of cruises now, in all different parts of the world, I personally stand on the LOVE IT side of the fence, so I thought it would be good to give you some of the reasons why I believe cruising is a wonderful way to travel and see the world and share with you what you can expect on a cruise holiday…

Expect to eat copious amounts of food:
Cruising is ALL about the food! With so much variety the biggest decision of your day is going to be WHAT and WHERE am I going to eat my next meal. From buffets to elegant dining rooms to specialty restaurants, this may be the most stressful part of your cruise holiday.
Expect to drink copious amounts liquids:
When you think of cruising, generally you can picture yourself kicking back with a drink in hand. If alcohol isn’t your thing, don’t fear! The non-alcoholic beverages are incredibly tasty and for all you booze loving people, the alcohol will be flowing 24/7!
Expect a huge range of entertainment:
Each and every day a wide range of entertainment can be found. From comedy shows, stage productions, musical performances or even to rock bands there is never any shortage on things to do, see & hear and most cruise ships will cater for all ages with varying show times throughout the day and night.
Expect to access destinations you may not have been able to reach otherwise:
Some of the best locations in this world of ours, unfortunately, are in very isolated locations so getting there by plane/train or automobile can be a difficult task. Cruising can be one of the best ways to get to some of these locations – not only is it a relaxing way to travel but the ease of falling asleep and waking up in a beautiful new location the very next morning has got to be one to the reasons why I enjoy cruising so much!
Expect to meet new friends:
The people you come across on cruises are generally as happy and excited to be onboard as you are, so conversation will always flow quite easily. Quick tip – be prepared for some cruise related chat with your new travel buddies – also known as #CruiseChat. Cruise chat can occur at any given time or at any location on the ship and the conversation will generally start with “So, is this your first time on a cruise?”. It truely is the best way to break the ice with your new found friends.

Expect not to lift a finger:
The cruise staff not only are they a lovely bunch of people but you will love them more for never having to lift a finger for your entire holiday. You will never have to clean up your room or make a bed. You will never have to do the dishes. You will never have to do your laundry. Nor will you ever have to cook a meal. If that doesn’t sell #CruiseLife to you, than I don’t know what will!

Expect to see some incredible sunsets:
My word, have I seen some incredible sunsets while cruising. There is nothing like standing on your balcony or up on one of the top decks and watching the day end in the most wonderful way possible – take a peek below…
Expect to relax and be pampered:
The best thing about a cruise is you can do as much and more importantly, as little as you like. If a vacation for you is laying by the pool for a week – than you are in luck! If you are keen to get some R&R whilst being pampered in a day spa – well my friend, cruising is for you. Or if it’s just finding a quiet space to read that book you haven’t had a chance to pick up – you have found the right holiday. Most cruises have “Adults Only” locations around the ship so if it’s taking a break from the little ones or just taking a quiet break for yourself, cruising should definitely be an option for you.
Expect the kids to never want to leave!:
If you have children, then this is absolutely the right kind of holiday for you! With onboard child care and kids clubs you will spend your days relaxed and rejuvenated while sipping cocktails by the adults only pools and the kids are off making a tonne of new best friends and having the time of their lives. The Kids Club facilities that most ships have available is incredible and almost makes you jealous you can’t go in there yourselves! From bumper cars to rock climbing walls, to putt putt courses, games rooms full of the latest Xbox or Playstation equipment and even trapeze classes, there truely is something for everyone and at every age.
And lastly…
Expect to have some FUN!:
The Cruise Director staff are the key to any great cruise holiday. They are the people who host all the onboard activities from water games by the pool, belly flop competitions, bingo, trivia, arts & crafts or even flash mob dance parties. They are the ones that create the daily activities guide which you will receive the night before in your stateroom and I have to say, it’s one of the highlights of my cruise holidays. If you are a planner like me, it will be yours too!
So share a drink with your new travel buddies. Have a chat with your dining table friends. Or just enjoy the company with your travel companions and do whatever it is that you please. Make of it what you will – This is your holiday and it can be as fun filled, fast / slow paced as you damn well like – That’s the joy of a cruise holiday!

Ship ahoy!

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