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Las Vegas, Nevada is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world and due to it’s gambling culture and large number of adult-directed shows and activities, it earns it’s nickname as Sin City. The Bachelor/Bachelorette capital of the world, you will have surely seen this city on numerous TV shows and movies, and it definitely lives up to it’s name!

The most common question we get asked about Las Vegas is “but what do I do if I don’t gamble?”. Well my friends, neither of us gamble and we have returned to Vegas numerous times because there is SO much to do! Each casino has it’s own theme and things to do and see inside.

Top tips:
1. Get your walking shoes on! Looking at the strip you wouldn’t be alone in thinking that it’s an easy walk down the road, but trust us when we say you will be doing LOADS of walking! Being almost 7km long, it’s quite the trek.
2. If you get tired of walking, you can catch a cab/uber from the front of any of the hotels. Your other option if the monorail, which was a godsend for us!
3. With loads of shows on every night in Vegas, you can go online and book tickets or find the half price stalls along the strip to see if you can get some sweet discounts. There are always amazing performers including Britney Spears, Elton John, Celine Dion and Jennifer Lopez floating in and out of Vegas with residencies at different hotels, plus the big number of Cirque Du Soleil shows to pick from.
4. Shopping! Almost all of the hotels along the strip have shopping inside, but most people will have heard about the outlets. There are 2 main outlets, one at the North End and one at the South End of the strip. They are very similar with the shops they have, the main difference is that the South Outlets are indoor and the North Outlets are outdoor. There is also the Miracle Mile inside Planet Hollywood, and the Fashion Mall opposite the Wynn Hotel.
5. If you try your hand at gambling for long enough, you will get offered drinks by the bar ladies who walk around. For a small tip, you can keep getting drinks for as long as you are playing.
6. For a cheaper stay, try and plan your visit to Las Vegas mid week. Not only is it cheaper, but there are less people around too!

Our Favourite Hotels and Casinos:
Inspired by the town of Bellagio in Lake Como in Italy, this is one of the most popular luxury hotels. Lined with exclusive shops and beautifully decorated, it’s most famous feature is it’s massive lake and fountain show out the front. The fountains put on an amazing show to music every 30 minutes during the day/afternoon, and later in the evening go off every 15 minutes. Also be sure to check out the Botanical Garden inside to see the displays which change every season. Venetian
Transport yourself to Venice! With Venetian architecture, gondola’s galore and some exclusive shops, you will feel like you have left Las Vegas behind for an Italian experience.
With an Eiffel Tower, Arc De Triumph and Parisian street-fronts inside, Paris is a beautiful hotel which is definitely worth a walk through! You can even go to the top of the Eiffel Tower for a nice view of the Strip.
Caesars Palace
Bringing the Roman Empire back to life, Caesars Palace is a HUGE exclusive hotel which is very easy to get lost in! With loads of shopping, restaurants (including the Cheesecake Factory!) and things to see, you will not run out of things to do in here! This hotel also has also The Colosseum, the arena which has been the residence for Elton John and Celine Dion’s concerts. Many may also recognise this hotel from the movie The Hangover!
This is one of our favourites, and having stayed here a few times between us we can recommend this hotel. It’s cheaper than some of the big name hotels while being centrally located on the strip right across from Caesars Palace. With it’s outdoor habitat you can see real Flamingos and other animals.The hotel also has 2 really nice pools, one of them being just for adults.
New York New York
Walk over the Brooklyn Bridge and be transported to Manhattan! Take a ride on their rollercoaster, try a hotdog in Times Square or join the line to enjoy some Shake Shack!
One of the smaller hotels on the Strip, the Linq boasts the tallest Observatory Wheel in the world! Take a ride and get amazing views of the Strip in the day or the night. It also has an outdoor promenade with shops and restaurants between itself and the Flamingo next door.
Planet Hollywood
This art deco inspired hotel and casino hosts one of our favourite gambling games called “Casino War”, purely because it is so easy! It also is home to the Miracle Mile shopping.
This Egyptian hotel is very impressive! Complete with one of the Pyramids, the Sphinx and a Sky Beam which appears off the top of the pyramid at night!
MGM Grand
Boasting the title of the largest single hotel in the United States with over 5,000 rooms, be prepared to walk in this hotel! It has 5 outdoor pools and waterfalls, and most recently has been home to some of the biggest boxing and UFC fights hosted in the MGM Grand Arena.
Fremont Street
Also known as Old Town Vegas, it was the original Strip. It is really cool to see some of the old hotels such as the Golden Nugget and Binion’s Horseshoe, and you can even take a ride on a zip line over the street! Each night you can also catch the Fremont Street Experience, a show that features 12.5 million lights and music on the roof.

Bonus Tips:
Neon Boneyard
Located at the North end of the strip, this museum is definitely worth the trip out. It features old signs that would have been displayed along the strip and Fremont street, its amazing to see them up close!
Las Vegas Sign
The iconic “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign at the south end of the Strip is the perfect photo opportunity and very easy to get to. We had a car which made the trip even easier, just next to the sign is a small car park. You can also get a cab/uber who will drive you out and wait for you to take your photos! We found it easiest to do this stop on our way to the outlets.

With this overload of information, we hope we have given you some ideas for visiting this vibrant and busy city!
Please feel free to leave comments below or ask us questions if you have any!

Emily & Kristy

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