Weekend in Prague

Czech Republic

Prague was everything I had imagined it would be; a city that has stood the test of time to share it’s magical charm with the world! Formerly part of Czechoslovakia, Prague is today the capitol city of the Czech Republic. Prague usually sits in the top 5 most visited cities in Europe, especially since the fall of the Iron Curtain in the early 90’s allowing tourists to travel more freely. Luckily most of the original architecture survived the many Wars, so you can marvel in it’s beauty as you walk through the cobblestone streets. Nicknamed the city of 1000 spires, be inspired by the buildings and churches, people watch in the squares and try some local delicacies! I was lucky enough to visit Prague for a weekend during Christmas which meant the streets and squares were filled with markets and decorations, an experience I will never forget.

With so much to see, I would recommend joining a walking tour to get your bearings. There are a heap to choose from, and the majority of them run for free (from the Astronomical Clock in the Old Town Square) by locals who will take you to the main sights and some local hot spots. Although Czech Republic is part of the EU, they still use their Czech koruna as currency. So after a small tip at the end of the tour, you will be on your way to getting around the city!

Astronomical Clock
This medieval clock (also known as the Prague Orloj) was first installed in 1410, and it is actually the oldest operating astronomical clock in the world! Found right next to Old Town Square, take the time to look at the details on this amazing clock. There are 3 dials that make up the clock:
1. The Astronomical Dial- represents the position of the Moon and Sun in the sky
2. The Walk of the Apostles- a show that goes off every hour with figures of Apostles moving around and a skeleton that strikes the time
3. Calendar Dial- beautiful detailed medallions represent the months.Charles Bridge
One of my favourite parts of the city, Charles Bridge is one of the prettiest bridges I’ve walked in Europe! Crossing the Vltava River, it get super busy with everyone wanting to cross. For a less crowded experience, head there really early in the morning or late at night. On your 600m walk along the bridge you will see how it is protected by 3 bridge towers and lined with 30 baroque style statues. Check out the artists sitting and painting, the musicians busking and the food stalls selling delicious snacks!

Old Town Bridge Tower
At the end of Charles Bridge at the entrance to the Old Town, this Tower is particularly special because you can climb the 138 stairs inside for panoramic views over the Bridge, Vltava River, Old Town and Prague Castle!
Old Town Square
Between Wenceslas Square and Charles Bridge, this Square houses numerous historic buildings including the Church of Our Lady before Tyn, the Astronomical clock, Old town Hall, St Nicholas Church and many more. Being there at Christmas time was magical! Seeing all the Christmas Markets and decorations in the Square made for a true European Christmas experience!
Old Town Hall
My favourite part of this building is the fact that you can climb it! Walk up or catch the lift to get amazing panoramic views over Old Town Square and its surrounds.Prague Castle
More than just a Castle, it’s a Castle Complex! It is rumoured to be the largest ancient castle in the world and home to the Bohemian Crown Jewels. The walk up to the complex from Charles Bridge is filled with colourful houses and shops, and from the top you get great views back over the city. It is the current residence of the President of the Czech Republic, and you can also catch the changing of the guards. With numerous cathedrals, palaces and gardens it’s easy to fill in a few hours around these grounds. For visiting hours and ticket prices, visit the Castle website. 

St Vitus Cathedral
St Vitus is the largest Cathedral in Prague, hosting religious services as well as coronations of Kings and Queens! It’s also a place of burial for several patron saints, sovereigns, noblemen and archbishops. Found in the Prague Castle Complex, it’s easy to find and enjoy a walk through to see the beautiful walls and facades.Wenceslas Square
Named after Saint Wenceslas the patron Saint of Bohemia, this Square is now a World Heritage Site. It is the setting for many demonstrations, celebrations and events.
John Lennon Wall
Since the 1980’s people have been decorating this wall with Beatles inspired designs and lyrics. It is always changing with people adding new designs all the time, which means your photos will be different to those who have visited previously!
Prague is a city that is easy enough to get around on foot, and the simple effort of walking around is a magical experience. Take in the sights, eat some delicious food and let us know how you feel about Prague!

Děkuji prahu!
Emily xx

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